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Anarashii is a word I have coined myself - incorporating two different languages even! By combining Ana (being me!) and -rashii (a Japanese suffix meaning "-ish" or "-like") you get something "Ana-ish" or "a piece of me" ; )

....exactly how I like to think of my unique Asia-Pasifika infused Crochet and Knit Fashions!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And the Winner is....

Drum roll please....

It's you Widge! Bridget Whitteker you are the lucky winner of this Ami Ana Giveaway - my email address is included in my profile info attached to this Blog or alternatively you can PM me your mailing address on Facebook - Thank you to everyone for participating and sharing!

And Thank you so much for letting me know what Ami Ana goodies were on your Christmas wishlist - great for me to know when "throwing" together a prize pack for next time! ; )


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ami Ana Giveaway - It's HERE!!!

As a BIG Thank you to all you wonderful friends and fans of Ami Ana, I am having a Giveaway - Yes, Finally!
And in thinking up a Theme of sorts to make selecting the Giveaway items easier I found myself thinking of expectant mothers and Baby Showers. Baby Showers? Yes. Baby Showers - you know, those party things that people throw for you that apparently "All for the Mum" - eh, no they're NOT - it's just a bunch of stuff for the baby that people say is for you, the Mum, but REALLY isn't! And the things that supposedly are intended for the Mother - well, they're always highly scented bath items that you can't use till well after the baby has grown some - that is if you haven't developed an allergy to some ingredient c/o pregnancy! ; )

So here's a Giveaway with Mums in mind - that's REALLY for Mums - you're welcome.

Firstly, there's the 100% Merino Frilly Neckwarmer in a delicious shade of Burgundy - the Button-up version obviously - not the kilt pin fastening one ; )
Keeps you snug, stretches comfortably with wear, doesn't get in the way like scarves, Babies love chewing and playing with the buttons - just as an added plus, and of course it likes fantastically Victorian-esque chic.

Then there's the amazing Unisex pair of Ami Ana Baby Uggs (Sought after item, right there!) in a Silky Soft 50-50 Blend of Merino and Alpaca with equally Soft Bright Red Sheepskin Soles - yes, these are for the Baby, BUT they're Unisex, So so Soft, Light and Warm, Fab for Boy Babies, and Baby can wear them from birth to up to 8 months at least - with all those agreeable features they're practically like a gift for the Mum!

Last but not least a little fun extra somethin' - what could be better than Santa and Elf Hat Egg Cosies!!! Great for Hard/Soft Boiled Egg lovin' kiddies in the future - and just as much fun for the "Big Kids" now ; )
AND it's getting close to Christmas!! So, why not?!

Now for what you're REALLY after - how to Enter - SIMPLE! Just be a Facebook Fan (there's a link to the right of the Blog just a little scroll down) and leave a comment - either here on the Blog on the Ami Ana FB page - perhaps, let me in on the Ami Ana Fashion(s) that you're secretly coveting (you never know, someone struggling with Christmas pressie ideas for you might see your comment and take the hint!) and you're in to win! And another Entry for a Share on FB. And that's it!

The Giveaway will run for a week and finish Wednesday November 7th 8.30pm NZ Time. Thank you to you all and Good Luck!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ami Ana's Tabetaichai Childrens wear Sale!!

Ami Ana's Tabetaichai Childrens wear Sale Starts in mere minutes!

All you need to know is that it starts 5pm NZ time Friday 19th October and Ends 9am NZ time Tuesday 22nd October!

Oh and the coupon/voucher codes for both my Etsy and Felt Stores might just come in handy! ; )

The details:
The Sale is on ALL Childrens Items including already discounted Items, but excepting Customer Order Items and Patterns - however, I do have a very limited amount of current stock in some of my Custom Order Items - so pays to ask!

The codes:
Simply enter TABE15 at checkout for a 15% discount - there is no use limit per customer for those discount code and there is no limit to purchases with this discount code.

TABESUGI25 is to be used if you get a little carried away with yourself! Enter this code at checkout for purchases of 3-4 or more items and receive a 25% discount!


PS - the codes are the same for both the Etsy and Felt Ami Ana Stores - in case you were wondering ; )

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Felt at the Women's Lifestyle Expo in Christchurch

Did I mention that these lovelies (the Ami Ana Latticed Mitts that is) were available as part of the Felt $250 prize pack for the Women's Lifestyle Expo in Christchurch? (just last weekend)

Did you go?

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Women's Expo comes to Dunedin

Ami Ana (ie. me, Ana) was at the Women's Expo this afternoon helping to promote the heck out of Felt and meeting fantastic people and putting names to faces of some local Felt Designers - wonderful meeting you all! Lots of fun, great people and an excuse to whip up some Dark Orange Fudge to share with Lucy (Founder and Owner of Felt, and my friend!). Not to mention I got a FREE Felt tshirt - Score!

Did I mention that the Women's Expo is still on tomorrow, that the Felt stall will be there and that there is a chance to win a $250 prize pack with all sorts of goodies from a variety of Felt Sellers, including some Crochet Flowery Fingerless Mitts by Ami Ana by simply signing up for Felt's mailing list?

                             Rockin' my Felt promotin' tshirt.

                    Ami Ana Flowery Mitts up for grabs in the $250 prize pack that Felt is giving away!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Days when it's great to be a Crochet/Knitwear Fashion Designer...

It was a great time to be a Crochet/Knitwear Fashion Designer on Sunday night when we all got rugged up for the Dunedin Winter Solstice Festival - ironically we had had a lovely and toasty unseasonably warm 17 degrees Celsius just the day before and I had been chuffed to think that this year we would not be freezing our patooties off at the Festival. For once. It is here that I feel I must confess that I fear I jinxed the Weather and subsequently am directly responsible for causing the postponement of the Winter Solstice Festival (actually due to be held on Saturday night) by posting on my Facebook page and asking what time the Festival began - mere seconds after this it seemed, the sky erupted in torrential rain. Goodbye balmy Winter Festival. I. AM. SORRY. So in typical fashion, the next night we rolled our 3 children into ten or so layers of clothing and mosied on down to the Festival after an early family dinner.

Here's me with one of my "Bandit" children, in my "gazillion" dollar scarf (that's ANOTHER story) which a friend once told me looked like it was choking me. He says choking, I say TOASTY : P

Here's one of my attempts at photographing one of the awesomely, amazingly cool paper lantern animals in the Festival Parade. You'll note it looks something like a rabid 6 legged wolf. That's called magic that is - making something appear like something else - right?

In this last pic you can just make out vaguely, that the animal is in fact actually a Unicorn. Vaguely.

I know, I know. Stick with Crochet.

Hello Again ; )

Time for a fresh start. I'm dustin' off the cobwebs and cleaning and clearing this place out to make room for an all new Anarashii - so watch this space!