About Anarashii

Anarashii is a word I have coined myself - incorporating two different languages even! By combining Ana (being me!) and -rashii (a Japanese suffix meaning "-ish" or "-like") you get something "Ana-ish" or "a piece of me" ; )

....exactly how I like to think of my unique Asia-Pasifika infused Crochet and Knit Fashions!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And the Winner is....

Drum roll please....

It's you Widge! Bridget Whitteker you are the lucky winner of this Ami Ana Giveaway - my email address is included in my profile info attached to this Blog or alternatively you can PM me your mailing address on Facebook - Thank you to everyone for participating and sharing!

And Thank you so much for letting me know what Ami Ana goodies were on your Christmas wishlist - great for me to know when "throwing" together a prize pack for next time! ; )